The new HTS-Lock!

Safety for both users and samples is the focus in all our developments at all times.

Especially with our HettCube incubators, users benefit from high safety requirements and the resulting increased quality of the samples. For this reason, we are interested in the continuous optimization of our products and have made further improvements to enhance the user experience.

With the new HTS-Lock, which are autoclavable up to 10x, the HTS shelfs and drawers can now be additionally secured.
Why is this further development so important to us? Because we care about your safety and that of your samples! 

The unique Hettich telescopic system (HTS), which guarantee the user an optimal loading and subsequent operability of the incubator with little effort, could be pulled out vertically and horizontally at the same time. This sometimes resulted in the HTS drawer "unhooking". With the new safety device, unintentional unhooking is no longer possible. 

Additional HettCube safety features:

  • All incubators (including cooled models) include a factory testing certificate and IVDR certification.
  • With our new touch display we provide even more transparency and traceability by logging every door opening and the individual limits. 
  • With the integrated brake function, the HTS variants offer an anti-tilt protection, so that the complete area can be loaded.