Every fifth person will be affected by this disease. There are currently 260,000 people with dementia in the Netherlands. This figure will double to more than half a million in the next 25 years, partly due to the ageing of the population. Nevertheless, the treatment of dementia is far from optimal and there is still no cure.


Did you know that brain damage with dementia sometimes starts 15-20 years before the first symptoms?

  • The key: research into new treatments for dementia.
  • Necessary: healthy participants.
  • The challenge: to find healthy participants in the early stages of dementia.

On 11th May 2019 the "Hersenfestival" will take place at the "Singer Museum" in Laren, Netherlands. During this festival, participants will be asked to donate blood to build a biobank. In order to be able to process the collected blood during the festival, our subsidiary HETTICH Benelux in the Netherlands provided a UNIVERSAL 320 centrifuge.

HETTICH Benelux donates € 500,- to the "Hersenstichting". If the LinkedIn message is more than 500 times marked with like or divided, they double the contribution.

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