120 Year Hettich - A legacy of quality and excellence

Since 1904 Hettich has been synonymous with outstanding quality and innovation in the field of laboratory centrifuges. What began as a humble metalware and tool factory under the leadership of Andreas Hettich has evolved over 120 years into a globally renowned manufacturer.


Hettich's origins trace back to a time when Andreas Hettich, a talented mechanic, embarked on the production of surgical instruments. Soon after, the company specialized in centrifuge manufacturing, with the first models successfully introduced to the market in 1908 – a legacy that endures to this day.

The company has been owned by the Eberle family since 1933 and was developed into a global and successful company under Günter Eberle, which has been managed by Klaus-Günter Eberle and his family since 2005.

Today, Hettich's product portfolio encompasses a wide range of small centrifuges to large-scale floor-standing models, utilized in laboratories worldwide. Additionally, Hettich offers specialized centrifuges seamlessly integrated into automated laboratory workflows.

With subsidiaries in the USA, the Netherlands, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Indonesia, and sales offices in China and India, as well as qualified partners in over 70 countries, Hettich is globally present, providing its customers with first-class service and support.

The launch of the HettCube incubator range in 2012 was a significant step in Hettich's portfolio expansion, which was well received by laboratories worldwide. Another highlight recently followed in 2023 with Hettich's acquisition of Kirsch, a respected German manufacturer of laboratory refrigerators.

Through continuous innovation and research, Hettich maintains a strong focus on the future while preserving the values and achievements of the past. With 120 years of expertise, Hettich remains at the forefront of centrifuge technology, driving the industry forward with pioneering solutions and an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.