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Simplifying everyday life in laboratories.

Family-run company

Guided by our values, we prioritize integrity, quality, and personal connections in all aspects of our business. With a commitment to excellence passed down through generations, we deliver exceptional products and services while nurturing team unity.


In-house manufacturing

With our internal manufacturing process, we maintain complete control over production, ensuring the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and innovation in every product.


Made in Germany

Grounded in German engineering, our commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in all aspects of our operations. We maintain unmatched standards of excellence and precision, reflecting our dedication to superior quality and innovation in every product.


Sustainable practices

For us as a company, prioritizing sustainability isn't optional; it's our pledge to the planet. We integrate eco-friendly initiatives into our operations and strive for responsible stewardship, aiming to make a positive impact while meeting customer and community needs.


Hettich has available for you a wide range of centrifuges along with numerous accessories and periphery items. Choose from 20 different models, from a manual centrifuge to high-performance floorstanding models for large sample volumes. 

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The HettCube incubators cater to diverse laboratory needs, including microbiology, genetics, and biotechnology. Designed with user-friendly features like clear displays and intuitive controls, they're perfect for both seasoned researchers and newcomers.

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What makes our products stand out

Long term reliability

With durable materials and German engineering, Hettich centrifuges deliver reliable results spin after spin. An average performance life of minimum 8 years, low repair rates and reduced downtimes allow for the maximum use of this high-quality equipment.

Low cost of ownership

Parts and service are available for 10 years, even after a specific model has been discontinued. This support, in addition to the product’s long service life, allows numerous years of operation and reduces the cost of ownership significantly.

Fully tested & certified

Hettich products are engineered and manufactured in accordance with all current safety standards, including TÜV certification, and for the most products, Medical Device or IVDR registration. Users can depend on a device that meets the highest safety standards in the industry.

Widespread applications

With interchangeable and versatile rotors, Hettich centrifuges fulfill both standard tasks and the requirements of special centrifuges. Also our HettCube incubator range offers many features and options to facilitate the daily laboratory routine. This saves costs as well as valuable space in the laboratory.




Build in Germany -
trusted worldwide.


With a legacy spanning 120 years, our worldwide-renowned products ensure top quality. Reach out to explore how we can meet your needs.

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