Hettich customer service

Report a claim

In case you are facing a failure on any of your Hettich units you have the opportunity to report the failure electronically allowing us to process your case without delays. Please use the process a shown below.

Each claim is processed as listed


  1. Submit the nonconformity report form to your direct customer service representative at Hettich. You can do that by sending us an e-mail with the attached nonconformity report. 
  2. Your Hettich representative or a local authorized distributor will contact you to verify if all details have been submitted to resolve your case.
  3. Depending on the failure, a Hettich representative or authorized local distributor will inform you whether a service technician will visit you on site or if the unit has to be returned to a repair facility.
  4. In case the unit has to be returned, you will be requested to fill out an additional form in regards to safety aspects and potential contamination.
  5. In some cases you will be given a return authorization number (RMA) which must be visible on the box you return, the unit and all enclosed documents.
  6. After receiving your unit, Hettich or the local distributor will execute the repair and try to return the unit within a week. This return time may also depend on the availability of the particular spare part required in your case.