Hettich assumes responsibility

The still ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions, refusals of entry and quite a few flight cancellations have given a significant boost to digitalisation over the last couple of years. Many business meetings now take place in a virtual space.

Travel and the associated face-to-face meetings are indispensable. A world without flying is no longer imaginable today. At the same time, digitalisation brings with it a huge advantage. We can reduce at least 20% of our air travel as a result.

The flights that do take place will be completely offset in terms of their carbon footprint in future. Our company has decided to take responsibility by travelling more consciously in a spirit of sustainability.

The CompensAID.de website, which is supported by Lufthansa, offers the option of investing in sustainable projects involving compensation for flights.

Among others, projects in nine countries on four continents such as Africa, South America, Central America and Europe are supported.

The climate protection projects in which investments are made today offset our CO2 emissions in the long term.