Hettich's Hidden Heroes work tirelessly day and night in the field of research and diagnostics. We are referring to our high-quality and durable centrifuges and incubators, but also the countless medical and laboratory professionals currently fighting against the global pandemic and developing new vaccines.

The best example of this is the Dr. Risch Group, which is one of the leading service providers of laboratory medicine in Switzerland and Liechtenstein with around 600 employees and 16 locations.

In February 2020, the company launched a test for the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Today, the company has its own center of excellence, "CoviLab Dr Risch", which focuses on the containment of the corona pandemic.

The focus is currently on the detection of the new variants from England and South Africa.

Three of our ROTANTA 460 RF floor-standing centrifuges are in constant use for this purpose. The laboratory processes up to 3,500 COVID 19 tests per instrument daily, seven days a week.

Hettich is also a reliable partner in the field of laboratory diagnostics. A variety of different blood collection tubes can be processed in this large-volume centrifuge, making it ideally suited for laboratories with high throughput needs, such as blood banks or central laboratories.