ROTINA 380 Robotic

Flexible and versatile

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Facts & Figures

Cat.No.: 3700


Max. RCF

5.100 min-1

Max. RPM

470 x 579 x 477 mm

Dimensions (WxDxH)

16 x 50 ml

Max. capacity

approx. 81 kg




Flexible and versatile

The ROTINA 380 Robotic brings automation to the laboratory bench with its advanced robotic operation. It excels in specialized tasks, such as the centrifugation of STAT samples, without disrupting the routine workflow when emergency samples arrive. This capability is especially beneficial during peak times, ensuring efficient processing of large volumes of samples in minimal time. Additionally, the ROTINA 380 Robotic is a valuable asset in the research sector, contributing significantly to various laboratory applications.

Areas of applications


Ideal for automated centrifugation of blood collection vessels, plates or racks in swing-out rotors for clinical diagnostics. The centrifuge can also be found in quantitative methods for cellular and bacteria detection in different consumable formats.

Life Science

The ROTINA 380 Robotic is used in automated sample preparation prior to FACS analysis or flow cytometry in many fields such as genetic or pharmaceutical research.


  • Clinical high-throughput laboratories
  • Large hospital laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Genetic engineering laboratories

The right accessories for this centrifuge

Swing-out rotor, 4-place with bucket and insert 12-place

Max. RCF: 4,696

Max. RPM: 5,000 min-1

Max. capacity: 16 x 50 ml

Angle: 90°

Cat.No.: 3724-R+3725-R/4+3734

Swing-out rotor, 2-place with bucket

Max. RCF: 4,362

Max. RPM: 5,100 min-1

Max. capacity: 6 plates

Angle: 90°

Cat.No.: 3722-R+3730-R/2

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